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Zahrina Robertson

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How to create desire for your products & services so you can attract the right people straight to you who are hungry for what you want.
How to become known for who you are and finally get paid what your worth and become the person everyone comes to.

How to become the credible authority of your industry and 
stand out from everyone else in the pack.

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Zahrina Robertson, Leading Personal Branding Photographer + Video Brand Marketing Strategist 
About The Speaker:
Your One Photo and Video Away ...
Dynamic Global Leader of Visual Personal Branding
Expert Personal Branding Strategist, Speaker and Author of 10 books
Personal Branding Photographer To Global Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Stars

Zahrina Robertson, author of MAGNETIC BRANDING, The Complete Guide For A Brand That Attracts! is a renowned expert and leader in visual personal branding. 

Zahrina Robertson has successfully worked with and photographed 
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Branson, Simon Sinek, Naomi Simson, Carla Zampatti just to name a few, as well as worked alongside numerous Leading International Thought Leaders, Speakers and Entrepreneurs and spoken before audiences nationally and internationally.

Through her background in marketing and public relations, combined with her expertise in national and international brands as well as her natural creative flair, Zahrina is a strong and valuable influence on the concept of personal branding. She has worked for international brands such as LVMH, and she has headed numerous sales teams.

Her commentary on the importance of creating a strong personal brand image is regularly quoted in the media and she is a gifted and inspiring public speaker in high demand at corporate events. She travels globally, sharing her insights to help individuals and companies consolidate their professional success and increase their business profits through personal branding.

Zahrina has won numerous prestigious international awards for her development of Magnetic Branding, such as the 2016 Stevie ® ‘Maverick of the Year’ Award for Women in Business; the 2015 Golden Bridge ‘Best Woman Professional of the Year’ Award; and she was placed as a finalist in the 2015 Australian Institute of Management Awards.

"Zahrina is an absolute gun at what she does with curating and capturing my brand message. If you haven't met her yet, you need to
Taki M. Million Dollar Coach
"Zahrina's natural intuitive ability and marketing background to help build my visual brand has reaped outstanding results attracting loads more business opportunities and PR." 
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